OpTiMSoC comes with several pieces of documents for the individual parts of the system. Most documentation is part of the OpTiMSoC source tree.

User Guide

To get started with OpTiMSoC, have a look at the User Guide. It contains installation instructions for all tools and tutorials to get you up to speed quickly.

Read the User Guide (2018.1)

Document Archive

Always refer to the documentation that matches your OpTiMSoC version. You can determine the version you're using with echo $OPTIMSOC_VERSION
OpTiMSoC Version User Guide Reference Manual API Documentation
master (latest development) online online online
2018.1 (latest release) online online online
2016.1 online, PDF
2015.1 online, PDF


We regularly present OpTiMSoC and its current status at various conferences and meetings. If you are looking for a quick introduction and like watching videos and slides more than reading documentation, you might want to have a look at one of our talks, some of which were recorded.

All talks are obviously a snapshot of the project state at the time of presentation, so be aware that some information might have changed in the meantime.