OpTiMSoC at ORCONF 2013

The “brain” in a SoC is its processor; in OpTiMSoC this task falls to a the freely available OpenRISC processor. For the second year now the developers of the OpenRISC processor met in Cambridge, UK for a two-day conference on October 5th and 6th to discuss the current status of the project as well as plans for the future.

Stefan attended this conference and came home with a lot of new ideas and information, which we’ll incorporate into OpTiMSoC in the future. But he was also able to give a 45 minute presentation about OpTiMSoC, what it is, and how you can make use of it. The whole talk was recorded, you can watch it down below or on YouTube. Enjoy!

by Philipp Wagner
on 30 October 2013

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