Reference Manual

OpTiMSoC Release HOWTO

What needs to be done to release a new OpTiMSoC version?

OpTiMSoC releases are named YEAR.N, where YEAR is the current year (four-digit), and N is a incrementing number starting at 1 representing the Nth release in YEAR.

  1. Tag the source code in git on the master branch

We use annotated tags for releases to record the release author and the release date properly. All release version tags start with “v”.

git tag -am "Release vYEAR.N" vYEAR.N
  1. Build the code for this release

    make dist

    The resulting binary packages are named objdir/optimsoc-YEAR.N-[base|examples].tar.gz

  2. Test the release and make sure it works.

  3. Push the tag to the remote repository

    git push origin vYEAR.N
  4. Follow the GitHub documentation on how to create a release. In this process you can also upload the created binary packages.