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Utility functions

group utility

Utility functions.


unsigned int extract_bits(uint32_t x, uint32_t msb, uint32_t lsb)

extract bits between MSB and LSB (including)

return x[MSB:LSB];


extracted value (aligned to lsb=0)

  • x: Value to extract from

  • msb: MSB of extraction

  • lsb: LSB of extraction

void set_bits(uint32_t *x, uint32_t v, uint32_t msb, uint32_t lsb)

Set bits in variable between MSB and LSB (including)

x[MSB:LSB] = v;

  • x: Pointer to value where to set

  • v: Value to set

  • msb: MSB of part to set

  • lsb: LSB of part to set

uint32_t optimsoc_get_seed(void)

Get a random seed for randomization

This function is used to obtain a random seed from the simulation environment for randomization tests. It has no function when executing in hardware.

It is only random when the actual simulation is seeded with a non-static value.


(random) seed