2015.1 Release and Back to Unified Tree

Good news first: We have a put out a regular release and we promise to do this more often. Until now there was not much sense to make releases, because everything was in a flow and there was not even an installation package. But this has changed, from now on regular releases can be found on github. The release numbers are numbered throughout the year (2015.1 on December 30 will hopefully not happen again..).

We have also accordingly updated the download instruction, pretty simple now, right?

Now to the kind of “bad” news: We are moving back from Google repo to a unified source tree, plus extra repositories for demo apps, FPGA target code, etc. It simply turned out that for people new to git, the usage of repo is too challenging and time-consuming. Hence, you can now find the unified source tree github. We have brought in all changes from the distributed repos again.

But to turn it into good news again, you can install from sources with one simple installer script (a better one to come in 2016):

git clone https://github.com/optimsoc/sources optimsoc-sources
./optimsoc-sources/tools/install.py -d /opt/optimsoc/current

We are looking forward to a more active 2016 and wish you all a Happy New Year!

by Stefan Wallentowitz
on 30 December 2015

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