OpTiMSoC gives you all building blocks you need to create your own manycore System-on-Chip.

And it comes with some complete example systems to run in RTL simulation and on an FPGA, too.

What is OpTiMSoC?

OpTiMSoC stands for Open Tiled Manycore System-on-Chip. It is an open-source framework primarily written in Verilog which allows you to build your own manycore System-on-Chip by connecting tiles like processors and memories through a Network-on-Chip. The resulting system can then be simulated on a PC or synthesized for an FPGA. You want to know how a SoC really works by taking a deep look inside? You want to evaluate the benefit of a new hardware accelerator? You want to test algorithms to assign tasks efficiently to different processing cores? OpTiMSoC gets you started!

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Get started!

OpTiMSoC comes with an ever growing documentation as well as a lot of sample code that you can use to get started quickly. Depending on the hardware and software you have available, you can start by running a small existing system on an FPGA or simulating it (with Verilator or ModelSim).

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Get involved!

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